Heavy Metal & Mineral Testing

Heavy Metal & Mineral Testing


Sylvia Hicks Homeopathy offers Heavy Metal and Mineral Testing in Canberra, to help determine the levels of essential minerals, trace elements some vitamins and heavy metals stored in your tissues. The palm of the hand is used as a sample as this is easily accessible.

Why Test Heavy Metals and Essential Elements?

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to serious health problems. Toxic metals pollute the human body either through direct contact or indirectly through the food chain. Heavy metals may enter the body through direct skin contact, inhalation from the atmosphere, drinking contaminated water and ingestion of contaminated food. Prolonged heavy metal exposure can increase the risk of developing chronic conditions. These toxic metals can also contribute to organ damage over the long term.

Essential minerals or trace elements play a pivotal role in boosting your overall health, only when they are within optimal ranges. These essential minerals are potentially toxic at extreme levels. Mineral deficiencies and higher levels of harmful heavy metals in your body could impair your ability to recover from illness or achieve optimal health.

Spectrophotometry Technology

Spectrophotometry quickly measures the optical density of heavy metals, minerals and trace elements in less than five minutes.

It is easy, quick, painless, and is measured on the palm of your hand. You can check your results on the computer screen within a few seconds. The results are used in consideration with a comprehensive case analysis to assist with your health care plan.

Who Should Consider Heavy Metal And Mineral Testing?

  • People with dental amalgams
  • People who smoke cigarettes
  • People who regularly eat processed and packaged foods
  • People who live in polluted industrial cities
  • People who have been exposed to chemicals in the workplace or household
  • People who are concerned about their body’s mineral deficiencies
  • People who live in mining towns
  • People exposed to fertilisers and chemical sprays
  • People who have a medical history of not excreting toxins properly

If you want to know how this test can help with your overall health care plan please contact us today. We are more than happy to answer all your queries.


Qualified and registered HOMEOPATH, Biochemic Practitioner and Certified Gaps Practitioner in Curtin.