Healing with Homeobotanicals


Are you tired of searching through the plethora of medicine options for the common cold? Or maybe you felt bad about giving your child a common synthetic allergy medication because you didn’t have any other alternatives? You are not the only one who feels this way.

Our great grandmothers used to give us sound tips about how to keep our families safe in all seasons. They seemed to know what herbs to mix, what ointments to produce, what foods to feed their children when they were sick, and what to put on itchy bug bites. That art and science are almost extinct nowadays.

Qualified and experienced homeobotanical practitioner for the best results

At Sylvia Hicks Homeopathy, Canberra, we keep that art alive. We offer the chance to help you and your family heal from common ailments such as seasonal flue, common cold and allergy the holistic way.

Homeobotanical Therapy is a unique method. Homeobotanical Remedies are herbal concoctions prepared according to homeopathic principles. This complex protocol incorporates elements of both traditional and non-traditional systems.

Homeobotanical formulas (abbreviated to “Hb”) are fundamentally a ‘mix-and-match’ system of prescribing herbal medicines in a low potency formulation. They can be prescribed as the main form of therapy or to support other modalities.

Symptoms and ailments efficiently assisted by homeobotanicals

The major presenting symptoms in every client are matched to a selection of Hb formulas from over forty-two main formulations (The Classic Range). For instance, a woman having migraines with her periods might be prescribed the combination Hb M, F (ie, HbM [Migraine], HbF [Female Formula I]) to be taken three – ten drops, three times a day. This potentised formulation has the potential to reduce the duration of her symptoms. If symptoms persist, you would be advised to consult a healthcare professional.

The amount of each of the concentrates is determined by the practitioner to match the intensity of symptoms in the client. The final prescription is diluted and potentized (energized) by succussion, which is the process used in homeopathy to develop the full range of healing potential in a remedy. In addition, there are specialised Homeobotanical formulations, such as the New Zealand Native Herb Range and the Cream Activator Range.

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If you are looking for a qualified and experienced healthcare professional with a special interest in the use of homeobotanical formulas and homeopathy across Canberra, think no further than Sylvia Hicks! She is always ready to help – uplift you – motivate you and guide you to better health.



Qualified and registered HOMEOPATH, Biochemic Practitioner and Certified Gaps Practitioner in Curtin.